The silhouettes  in this collection reflect the organic shapes and forms that conceal the shape of the human body and shroud it in an air of mystery and intrigue, which excite the wearer and fascinate the onlooker, but are still practical.

This gives rise to surprising futuristic experimental shapes, abstract with unexpected perforations. Relaxed voluminous shapes allow the wearer to wrap themselves.  Mixing authentic traditions with modern designs, and simple construction methods. Surprising garments with ‘jagged’ edges and raw seams can be manipulated into different shapes.

Fabrics used within the collection include barkcloth, organic silk and hemp, eol wool, eol felts, eol and organic wovens, upcycled seatbelts.  Accessories complete the unique signature of the collection.

I drew inspiration from the Japanese word ’Motto’, which means ‘the origin, the cause, the foundation, the basis’.  A timeless look, asymmetric, black on black. Thus, in conjunction with my zero-waste approach, I was able to blend the old traditions with the new.

Organic – from the earth, given by Mother Nature.