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A cyclical approach to the use of the earth’s treasures as a foundation for sustainable fashion and lifestyle. Biodegradable, nature’s materials at the end of their use can be harmlessly returned to the natural system from which they came, hence the title ‘Resonance’. Barkcloth has been in use for over 600yrs, one of the oldest fabrics in Africa. It is sustainable, biodegradable and hence environmentally friendly and still in use today. This arboreal leather-like textile is durable and does not fray, yet it doesn’t require the same chemical-intensive tanning. It’s a centuries-old technique, one that is recognized by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

The challenge was to create a contemporary and timeless collection using this fabric that is not conventionally used in garment production. Garments are constructed to be versatile and can be adapted by an individual to create different shapes and forms. Traditional shapes can be interpreted differently by the wearer, reassembled to create new forms using concealed fastenings for harmonious resonance. A young impulsive style emerges where the surprise is in the detail.