Signs Of The Now

This collection is in direct response to what is happening in the world at the present time.  Landfill space running out, the plastic in the oceans, the melting glaciers and polar ice, the list goes on……… if  we do not act now, when? Responsibility lies with everyone all along the supply chain including the end user.

Taking inspiration from past concepts, research and designs. Using the sustainable principles “Reduce Reuse Recycle” to create a collection where the message encourages change. Made from organic fabrics (barkcloth , cotton, silk, hemp, bamboo) and the classic José Hendo shapes. Resulting in a timelessness that is so relevant today.

The garments in ‘The Signs Of The Now’ installation the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin are made from different shades of terracotta and black barkcloth. The three stripes on the garments stand for REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE a call to action! The printed silk is sustainably sourced, barkcloth inspired with graphics that make up the words reduce reuse and recycle. 




‘José Hendo’ takes a fresh approach to contemporary fashion design, challenging the obsolescence nature of fashion, and the throw away culture. The label is passionately conscious of the times and is inspired by the world around us. It uses eco-friendly fabrics as much as possible, creating unique one-off pieces…


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