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Buy Phentermine Online In India, Buy Phentermine K25


Unisex bomber jacket | 100% organic cotton fleece with barkcloth graphics and JH logo on back | Barkcloth embroided JH logo badge on front | Our signature shape | Open-ended zip.

Fabric: Soft fluffy back, sweatshirt fleece with a tight weave | About 20% stretch with 97% recovery – 2-way stretch | Very comfortable feel; fluffy back will flatten over time with washing and wearing | 100% barkcloth graphic and logo.

Phentermine Overnight No Rx

Buy Phentermine Online In India, Buy Phentermine K25

Care: Eco-dry clean if you want to maintain structure and colour of barkcloth, or wash at 30 degree with mild detergent. Line dry, minimal tumble dry or none. Iron on medium cotton setting.

Additional information

Dimensions 66 cm

S-M, M-L


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Chest 36/38 39/41 42/44 45/47 48/49 INCHES
Chest 91/96 99/104 106/111 114/119 124 CM
Waist 30/32 32/34 34/36 36/38 INCHES
Waist 76/81 81/86 86/91 91/96 CM