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How Much Does Phentermine Cost Online, Phentermine 37.5 For Sale Online


Loose top | Blue denim, 100% Organic cotton cross weave | A bit structured with a visible barkcloth JH logo on back.

Fabric: 100% Organic cotton cross weave paste cross-weave medium weight. Heavier texture, but still comfy to the touch

Buy Adipex Online With Paypal
SKU: STN016C Category: Buy Phentermine Online Yahoo

How Much Does Phentermine Cost Online, Phentermine 37.5 For Sale Online

Care: Wash at 30 degrees with mild detergent. Line dry, use minimal tumble dry. Iron on medium-high cotton setting. To avoid colour running eco-dry clean.

Additional information

Dimensions 99 cm

S-M, M-L


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Size 10 12 14 16/18
Chest 32/34 35/37 38/40 41/43 INCHES
Chest 81/86 88/94 96/101 104/109 CM